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The family of West Coast Musings resting after an exhausting photo shoot :)

It's been a long time since I've been on Livejournal as I moved over to Wordpress...well....I think that's over for the time being. I've been frustrated far too long and although (to be honest) I hate all the ads on Livejournal - posting is easy here..we'll see about spam though. That was my problem on WP - I was trying to install their anti-spam program and sure enough I messed up...which is normally something rectifiable - but with no human to talk too and no previously asked question to explain my problem (cause I really messed up) ....I'm totally lost and frustrated....hopefully things we'll run more smoothly here...and we'll see how spam holds up.

If anyone on LJ can tell me how to stop spam I'd really love the help...cheers

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It's been brought to my attention that people have been viewing my wordpress blog but since you need a password to leave a comment....well few have left comments - so I thought I'd post here just in case some of you from this blog don't know about the other or wanted to leave a comment but didn't.

Gotta show you….

January 21st, 2009

As you have probably noticed by now,  I don’t know much about cameras and computers…just enough to squeak by..my photos are too small (or initially too big) and the colours aren’t always as close to the real thing as I’d like…so I thought I’d show you something.

Here is a photo of indigo as a full skein which gives a pretty close likeness to the real thing:


Here’s the same colour close-up (which is what I like to do for the shopping cart pics as then there is no white space):


And now Salal green:


And now close up:


Eek! It doesn’t even look close!  And yes I know about Photoshop, but unless one has the time to learn how to use it, the program is of no use…since it doesn’t have a brain which tells it which photos to alter without me doing it myself.

So I’ve decided to start taking full-sized pics for more colour accuracy however…..

Here are two pics at the same distance with the same white background….



Isn’t that amazing!  The top one is Charcoal and the bottom one is Opal lite which is a lite turquoise…though from the pic you would never know.  Even the background white colour has changed.   And yes, learning photoshop is on the list, however until we’ll work something else out.

So now I’m off to upload a few silk pics into the shopping cart.


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Mid-January special and new colour

January 16th, 2009

For almost 2 months now we have overcast skies and snow.  Well the snow is almost gone but the drab days are still here.  While outside last week the sun came out for a few hours - just to prove He was still there!  And the timing was perfect….as it was the same afternoon I was dyeing this colour:


I call this colour “Clear Blue Sky” as this was the exact colour of the clear blue sky above when I was dyeing ..pretty cool eh?  I took some cluse up pics but they show a totally different (and incorrect) colour so I’ve just posted this skein for now.

From January 15-31/09 Clear Blue Sky will be 20% off while quantities last.

Happy knitting!

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I will be posting on my wordpress blog at


Eventually all of the livejournal postings will be transferred there as well.

Thanks for following the link.
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Tons of things have happened since I last blogged...where to start...hmmmI'll start with the blogging. I've been trying to change over to wordpress for months and months...without success. I've wanted to change over so that you wouldn't have to look at all the advertising and also so that my blog would be compatible with etsy...livejournal is not. So I've been working on that with virtually no success....there is absolutely no way to contact a person about wordpress and the faqs don't cover what my problem is (which is getting a new password - I submit for it but don't receive it)....but there's lots of other stuff too...and it's so terribly frustrating to only have the screen to talk to...yes I'm oldfashioned - I like to actually contact a person...not throw out a question and see if someone will answer it.

...oops now I'mm frustrated again...so going to take a time out for a bit..I'll come back to journalling later...
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Finally...after a sabbatical from weaving of almost a year....I am back at the loom!....it is so wonderful to be back!
As you may already know, I was a full-time weaver for almost 10 years - I sold many blankets, scarves and ruanas at shows but, sadly, was unable to make a living wage from it....so I took a year off to focus fully on my yarn business.
With my homeopathy course also finished, I was able...am able...to focus fully on dyeing and promoting Indigo Moon Yarns. The business has grown steadily over the year - and as I have been working 7 days a week all year, it's seems appropriate that I start taking time off before I burn out. And that's where weaving comes in. Though I hope to sell most of the textiles I make, I will weave on my "days-off" (when nothing else is pressing like car repairs, appointments, yardwork, etc)...and this was the first weekend I did just that! With CBC classical or jazz on in the background, the shoo shoo of the shafts jumping up and down , and the whoosh of the shuttle flying by....it's an orchestration that it pure joy to my ears! True Loom Music!

Here's a pic of my loom warped up with a Canadian Rominey wool for a ruana:

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Just a quick note to let you know I am working on something that you've loved but has been out for a while....and it's back...well almost...I'll post pics in the next few days....stay tuned!

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For the month of November Aubergine and Mulberry fingering wt superwash merino will be on sale for 20% off per 100 gm skein.




And introducing the new "Gemstones" silk in Amethyst at 15% off while quantities last.


Happy Shopping!
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I can't seem to stop myself from dyeing a few more colours in the silk...and sharing them! I've taken some pics with the skeins in groups - this way you can see the subtle differences in a group. The sad part...is that it is a gorgeous gorgeous day! and I'm inside with the computer - the dyepots probably won't get on today so that means tomorrow - when it's raining -I'll likely be dyeing! But I just couldn't wait to post these.

First a couple of pics of the beautiful day I'm missing:

Some daisy faces enjoying the sun:

Olivine, Peridot, Olivine lite (from top to bottom):

Beryl, Beryl lite:

Citrine, Citrine med, Citrine lite:

Golden Yellow Sapphire, Lemon Quartz:

Carnelian (shown on it's own since in the next pic it looks redder to me than it actually is):

Petrified Wood, Carnelian, Aventurine:

Denim Lapis, Denim Lapis lite:

Sapphire dark, medium and lite:

Opal Green, Charcoal, Amethyst:

If you are interested in any of these colours, please visit

Not all yarns are posted on the site yet....so if you don't see the colour you want, just send me a note.

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I was asked to post some photos of the new silk yarn with the full skein showing...so here are some pics - Enjoy!




Blue Sapphire:



Golden Yellow Topaz:

Green Opal:

Lemon Quartz:



Petrified Wood:

Shop now:
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Wo-hoo!!! The renos are almost over and my hands are back in the dyepots! I'm a happy camper! There is now a metal roof on the dyeshed so I can paint yarn without dodging the water droplets from the tarped roof...yippee! And the lights are up - so now I can see....a nice perk. Most of the dyeing needs to take place during the wet season...we are on wells here as well as water catchment systems so dyeing when the rain is coming down is best - lots of water to rinse with. But that makes for a damp and cold environment most of the time...thankfully there is wool and silk! The only way I'm able to stay warm...though I really need to knit up some gloves since the rubber gloves I need to use aren't insulated. So now that the roof is on, the lights are up, and the cisterns are here....I'm all set.

Here's the delivery of the cisterns to catch rainwater in the rainy season -

They had to boom it over the fence...

Then slide it over to the side of the building...

Here they are next to the house, you can see the tarp roof of the shed in the distance.

No pics yet of the dye studio...which is just as well since it would really be too messy to post!

Back to the dyepots now...I'll be dyeing silk today...not sure which colours yet....

Have a great one!
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