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renos over...almost - indigomoon17
renos over...almost
Wo-hoo!!! The renos are almost over and my hands are back in the dyepots! I'm a happy camper! There is now a metal roof on the dyeshed so I can paint yarn without dodging the water droplets from the tarped roof...yippee! And the lights are up - so now I can see....a nice perk. Most of the dyeing needs to take place during the wet season...we are on wells here as well as water catchment systems so dyeing when the rain is coming down is best - lots of water to rinse with. But that makes for a damp and cold environment most of the time...thankfully there is wool and silk! The only way I'm able to stay warm...though I really need to knit up some gloves since the rubber gloves I need to use aren't insulated. So now that the roof is on, the lights are up, and the cisterns are here....I'm all set.

Here's the delivery of the cisterns to catch rainwater in the rainy season -

They had to boom it over the fence...

Then slide it over to the side of the building...

Here they are next to the house, you can see the tarp roof of the shed in the distance.

No pics yet of the dye studio...which is just as well since it would really be too messy to post!

Back to the dyepots now...I'll be dyeing silk today...not sure which colours yet....

Have a great one!
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