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trying something.... - indigomoon17
trying something....
It's been brought to my attention that people have been viewing my wordpress blog but since you need a password to leave a comment....well few have left comments - so I thought I'd post here just in case some of you from this blog don't know about the other or wanted to leave a comment but didn't.

Gotta show you….

January 21st, 2009

As you have probably noticed by now,  I don’t know much about cameras and computers…just enough to squeak by..my photos are too small (or initially too big) and the colours aren’t always as close to the real thing as I’d like…so I thought I’d show you something.

Here is a photo of indigo as a full skein which gives a pretty close likeness to the real thing:


Here’s the same colour close-up (which is what I like to do for the shopping cart pics as then there is no white space):


And now Salal green:


And now close up:


Eek! It doesn’t even look close!  And yes I know about Photoshop, but unless one has the time to learn how to use it, the program is of no use…since it doesn’t have a brain which tells it which photos to alter without me doing it myself.

So I’ve decided to start taking full-sized pics for more colour accuracy however…..

Here are two pics at the same distance with the same white background….



Isn’t that amazing!  The top one is Charcoal and the bottom one is Opal lite which is a lite turquoise…though from the pic you would never know.  Even the background white colour has changed.   And yes, learning photoshop is on the list, however until we’ll work something else out.

So now I’m off to upload a few silk pics into the shopping cart.


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Mid-January special and new colour

January 16th, 2009

For almost 2 months now we have overcast skies and snow.  Well the snow is almost gone but the drab days are still here.  While outside last week the sun came out for a few hours - just to prove He was still there!  And the timing was perfect….as it was the same afternoon I was dyeing this colour:


I call this colour “Clear Blue Sky” as this was the exact colour of the clear blue sky above when I was dyeing ..pretty cool eh?  I took some cluse up pics but they show a totally different (and incorrect) colour so I’ve just posted this skein for now.

From January 15-31/09 Clear Blue Sky will be 20% off while quantities last.

Happy knitting!

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