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weaving again - indigomoon17
weaving again
Finally...after a sabbatical from weaving of almost a year....I am back at the loom!....it is so wonderful to be back!
As you may already know, I was a full-time weaver for almost 10 years - I sold many blankets, scarves and ruanas at shows but, sadly, was unable to make a living wage from it....so I took a year off to focus fully on my yarn business.
With my homeopathy course also finished, I was able...am able...to focus fully on dyeing and promoting Indigo Moon Yarns. The business has grown steadily over the year - and as I have been working 7 days a week all year, it's seems appropriate that I start taking time off before I burn out. And that's where weaving comes in. Though I hope to sell most of the textiles I make, I will weave on my "days-off" (when nothing else is pressing like car repairs, appointments, yardwork, etc)...and this was the first weekend I did just that! With CBC classical or jazz on in the background, the shoo shoo of the shafts jumping up and down , and the whoosh of the shuttle flying by....it's an orchestration that it pure joy to my ears! True Loom Music!

Here's a pic of my loom warped up with a Canadian Rominey wool for a ruana:

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