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geesh some week!!! - indigomoon17
geesh some week!!!
Tons of things have happened since I last blogged...where to start...hmmmI'll start with the blogging. I've been trying to change over to wordpress for months and months...without success. I've wanted to change over so that you wouldn't have to look at all the advertising and also so that my blog would be compatible with etsy...livejournal is not. So I've been working on that with virtually no success....there is absolutely no way to contact a person about wordpress and the faqs don't cover what my problem is (which is getting a new password - I submit for it but don't receive it)....but there's lots of other stuff too...and it's so terribly frustrating to only have the screen to talk to...yes I'm oldfashioned - I like to actually contact a person...not throw out a question and see if someone will answer it.

...oops now I'mm frustrated again...so going to take a time out for a bit..I'll come back to journalling later...
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